Costume Film Art Images

Umbrella Orphanage Takes Flight, ’20, Athenry, Galway.

latawiec3 (1)

Bring Your Own Chair, Taghmon, ’19, Michelle Browne, Collaborating Artist.

Bring Your Own ChairBring Your Own Chair 2

Dinner at Eight, Costume Supervisor, Wexford Festival Opera ’18.

Dinner at eight 1

Giselle, Ballet Ireland, Seamstress, Ladies Costumes, ’17.

ballet ireland, giselle

Hope it Rains, Collaboration with Michelle Browne, Galway 2020 Bid, ’16.


Herculanum, Wexford Festival Opera, 2016, Costume Supervisor


The Fireman and the Nurse, Yucca Productions, 2016, Costume Designer

The Fireman and the Nurse

Today’s Yesterday, Jade Travers 2015, Production Designer

Today’s Yesterday

Koanga, Wexford Festival Opera 2015, Costume Supervisor


Silent Night, Wexford Festival Opera, 2014, Costume Supervisor


Christine Regina Di Svezia, Wexford Festival Opera, 2013, Costume Supervisor


Record, Cirk Midsummer Festival, Dylan Tighe, ’12, Costume Designer

The Trailer Of Bridget Dinnigan,ITM, Project Arts,Axis ’10,’11, Costume Designer

trailer bridget dinnegan 3

trailer bridget dinnegan 1

trailer bridget dinnigan 2

Singer, The Joinery, Duet with Fergus Byrne, ’10.

No Worst There Is None
Dublin Theatre Festival, Stomach Box, ’10, Costume Designer

No Worst There is None 1

No Worst There is None 2

Mending Wall
Inis Oírr, ’10, Louise Ní H-Éidin, Collaborator



Aras Eanna Residency, ’10, Installation


Evelyn Tables
3Angle Productions, ’09, Costume Designer, Co-Producer

Still Life at the Penguin Cafe
LCF, ’08, Costume Designer

Rhino Penguin Cafe

Wolf Penguin Cafe

Soldier With No Name
Winged Cranes, ’08, Costume Designer

Soldier with no name 1

Soldier with no name 2

3Angle Productions, ’08, Costume Designer, Co-Producer

Project Brand New, ’09, Performance Art

1+1+1+1=1 PBN3-1pus1plus1...0025PBN3-1pus1plus1...0050

Far Away, Bedrock Theatre Company, 2004

Far Away

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