All about Sheep- Living Arts Residency-Boolavogue N.S. Assistant Artist Nadia Corridan

This project looked at the interconnectivity of all living beings. To use a phrase from the ‘Earth Charter,’ we were looking with the children at the ‘Earth Community.’ By sharing our skills we were making connections to the school community and together experiencing the materiality of wool. We examined the unique properties of wool and talked about how it is undervalued in our community.

With the wool the children experienced many processes of making with the material; skirting, scouring, carding and spinning. Leading on from that they did weaving, felting, finger-knitting and pom-pom making.

We practiced ‘Loving Kindness,’ meditation at the beginning of each session. This became a part of the process. It was a way to understand our interconnectedness with all living beings and to raise ecological awareness. To give the emotional support of compassion when approaching each other and the world particularly helping with resilience in the face of future ecological challenges.

They joined their works together and created an outdoor site-specific collaborative installation, a ‘Felted Flower Fence.’

‘Weatherproof Me’ Design Competition

I am so excited, after lots of hard work finally today we are launching the ‘Weatherproof Me’ design competition. We want people to consider the way they engage with the weather in the West of Ireland, when it rains and blows how can we design ways to encourage people to embrace the invigorating energy and possiblities of play that exist in those conditions? As the weather changes due to the effects of climate change we must consider our relationship to it. The competition is open today and will close on the 10/08/2019

Roola Boola 2018

Had such a lovely time at this year’s Roola Boola Children’s Festival at the Linenhall Arts Centre facilitating Maeve Clancy’s beautiful paper bag workshop!